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Common Hip Conditions and Injuries

Wear-and-tear. Fragile bones. An untimely fall. They can all wreck havoc on your hips, keeping you sidelined, sedentary and even sleepless. Pinpointing the specifics of your hip condition is the first step to getting you back in your groove again.

Liza, John, and Betsy Kane-Hartnett

Over the years we had seen several orthopedists in town but were never impressed. They seemed to lack knowledge or compassion or both. Then when Liza was in high school, she went to Sforzo • Dillingham • Stewart Orthopedics for a minor sports injury. They not only diagnosed her somewhat obscure problem, but explained things in a way that she understood without being patronizing or pedantic. When John needed rotator cuff surgery and when I had bursitis, Sforzo • Dillingham • Stewart Orthopedics – with their skilled diagnosticians, surgeons, and communicators – was our clear choice. We wouldn’t consider anywhere else.

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