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Please notify your surgeon/surgery center immediately if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, cardiovascular stents, and/or taking anticoagulants or antiplatelet medications, “blood thinners”.

Surgical Facility

• We work with several respected hospitals and outpatient surgical centers in Bradenton and Sarasota.

• The location of your surgery will depend on the surgery you are having, the surgeon performing procedure, and insurance requirements.

Review and Update Your Medication List

  • Please review and update your medication list prior to your surgery and bring a copy with you to surgery.
  • Please provide your surgeon’s office with an updated medication list.

Review and Update Your Allergy List

• Please review and update your allergy list prior to your surgery and bring a copy with you to surgery.
• Please provide your surgeon’s office with an updated allergy list.
• Please notify your doctor’s staff and the surgery center of a LATEX allergy.

Obtain Your Medical Clearance

• Some surgeries require a medical clearance from your doctor. Once your surgery date has been confirmed, please contact your primary care physician and/or specialist to determine if an office visit is necessary to obtain clearance.

o  Failure to obtain medical clearance may result in a delay of your surgery.

Please read the Pre-Operative Protocol

• Please read the surgery/pre-operative instructions provided to you by our office. This details specific directions for you to follow prior to your surgery including:

o Medications

• Certain medications will need to be held prior to surgery while it is important to continue taking others. Please review this list carefully and call our office or your primary care physician with questions

o Fasting requirements
o Need for responsible adult driver to accompany you to procedure
o When to contact our office
o For date and time of your post-operative appointment
o For date and time of post-operative appointments scheduled with physical or occupational therapy

Please bring the following items with you to the surgical facility:

• Photo Identification
• Insurance Card
• Medication List
• Allergy List

Get a good night’s sleep and relax!

• The night before surgery, get a good night’s sleep and relax. The surgeon and medical staff at the surgical facility will take great care of you.

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