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Wrists / HandsCarpel Tunnel Surgery Post Operative Instructions

Dr. Sforzo’s Post-Operative Instructions for Carpal Tunnel Surgery


Important things you should do:

  1. Move your fingers in and out of a full fist when you are awake several times a day.
  2. Use your hand for light tasks such as putting clothes on, feeding yourself, tying shoes, buttoning buttons, etc.
  3. Cover your hand and wrist in the shower.
  4. Change your dressing 4-5 days after the surgery; meaning, you can remove all of the wrappings and gauze but leave on any tape or steri-strips.
  5. Type on a computer and write for limited (maybe 1-2) hours throughout the day.


Important things you should avoid:

  1. Do not get your incisions wet.
  2. Do not perform any lifting, pushing, pulling. Avoid refrigerator doors.
  3. Do not play tennis, golf, or any sports.
  4. Do not perform activities that will cause you to sweat around the incisions.
  5. Do not pull on or remove any stitches or sutures, even if they are sticking out and are clear.


Troubleshooting Problems that may arise:

  1. If you get the incisions wet, or the dressing from the surgery becomes dirty or wet, please immediately pat the incisions dry and call the office to speak to a nurse.
  2. If you notice the incisions looking red, swollen, or infected please call the office immediately.
  3. Stiffness, tingling, swelling all may occur to varying amounts after surgery.


Call the office if you have questions or any concerns.

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