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Wrists / HandsPost-Operative Instructions for Trigger Finger Surgery

Dr. Sforzo’s Post-Operative Instructions for Trigger Finger Surgery:

Important things you should do:

1. Move your fingers in and out of a full fist when you are awake several times a day. This includes the one that was operated on.
2. Cover your entire dressing – the entire hand and wrist – in the shower. Do not get wet.
3. Try to elevate the hand towards the sky or ceiling when you can.
4. Leave your dressing on for about 4 to 5 days, and then remove it completely. Place a band-aid over the incision and sutures for protection. Continue to move the fingers as much as possible.

Important things you should avoid:

1. Do not get your incision or dressing wet.
2. Do not perform any lifting, pushing, pulling. Avoid refrigerator doors.
3. Do not play tennis, golf, or any sports.
4. Do not perform activities that will cause you to sweat around the incisions.
5. Do not pull on or remove any stitches or sutures.

Troubleshooting Problems that may arise:

1. If you get the incision wet, or the dressing from the surgery becomes dirty or wet, please immediately pat the incisions dry and call the office to speak to a nurse.
2. If you notice the incisions looking red, swollen, or infected please call the office immediately.
3. Stiffness, tingling, swelling all may occur to varying amounts after surgery. Call the office if you have questions or any concerns.

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