Stem Cell Treatment

Unlike other treatments used for relief of orthopedic pain, stem cell treatments are regenerative and naturally rich in multiple anti-inflammatory healing factors. These cells contain high levels of growth factors that stimulate tissue healing, extracellular matrix proteins that bind cells together and a unique form of hyaluronic acid, a substance that acts as a lubricant.

This groundbreaking treatment is administered in the office by Dr. Sforzo, Dr. Dillingham or Dr. Stewart and does not require painful extraction of your fat or bone marrow. If you have been suffering from osteoarthritis pain, discomfort from sports injuries or other orthopedic conditions, this may be a great time to make a new treatment choice. Stem cell treatment may free you from having to rely on oral treatments, steroid injections and viscosupplements, but most importantly, you may be able to delay or entirely avoid further treatment or surgery.

Please ask Dr. Sforzo, Dr. Dillingham or Dr. Stewart if stem cell treatments are an option for you. Call us at 941-378-5100.


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