Platelet-Rich-Plasma | Hand & Wrist

Platelet-Rich-Plasma | Hand & Wrist

Your doctor may discuss all other treatment options before settling for a platelet-rich plasma  injection. Commonly known as PRP, platelet-rich plasma injection is a non-surgical procedure that promotes healing damaged tendons and ligaments in your wrists, hands, and elbows.

PRP therapy plays a significant role in relieving pain in joints and tendons. This therapy for pain is increasingly becoming popular in the field of regenerative medicine. 

Is there any evidence pointing at the PRP injection’s ability to treat conditions such as tendonitis and arthritis? To answer this question, you need to know what platelet-rich plasma is and what it does to encourage healing and reduce pain in the joints. 

Platelet-rich plasma is simply a sample of blood that contains a higher concentration of platelets than the whole blood. However, PRP is obtained from the whole blood. Therefore, the doctors obtain blood samples from the patient’s veins located within the arm. 

The blood is spun to form multiple layers of red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma. The plasma component (contains high levels of platelets) is carefully separated from the rest and injected into the tendons and joints. 

What are Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Injections for the tendons and joints?

Different kinds of PRP systems produce different levels of concentrations of platelets. For instance, some systems can produce platelet concentrations above 1.5 times whole blood, while others produce as much as five times whole blood. Our practice uses the most sophisticated machine.  

Before your doctors decide to try surgery to fix pain in your joints they start by trying other options first. PRP therapy or injections comes in later stages when other options seem not to work properly. 

The function of PRP relies mainly on platelets. These are small cells in your blood, and their main function is to promote clotting after  an injury. In addition, platelets contain a substantial amount of proteins, including various growth factors and cytokines that contribute to the healing process after an injury.  

PRP injection concentrates the platelets which improves healing potential. For that reason, if you suffer from damage or injury on your tendons and ligaments, your healthcare provider might recommend a PRP injection. In addition, sometimes your physician may combine surgery and PRP therapy, to help speed up your healing process.

Dr. Christopher R. Sforzo and Dr. Christopher L. Dillingham at Sforzo I DillinghamI Stewart  Orthopedic + Sports Medicine can help with your injured ligaments and tendons. Both doctors are board-certified orthopedic surgeons and fellowship-trained professionals in upper extremity and hand surgery. 

They provide care in the treatment of conditions involving the arm, elbow, wrist, hand, and shoulders. They even perform various helpful medical procedures that involve minimally invasive techniques. 

These procedures include arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs, endoscopic carpal tunnel release, and arthroscopic elbow and wrist medical procedures. In this regard, they can perform PRP hand injection, PRP for carpal tunnel, and PRP for radiocarpal joint injection with a lot of success.  

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP): Best Alternative Treatment for Hand & Wrist?

Since PRP injection is prepared solely from your own blood, you can rest easy knowing that there is no risk of experiencing adverse reactions, disease transmission, or allergic reactions after the treatment. 

Also, side effects are rare. They may include pain after PRP injection at the point of injection. The pain can last for a couple of hours while the swelling may resolve in a matter of a few days.

Common Conditions of Hand and Wrist requiring a Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hands is undoubtedly the best alternative form of treatment for hand and wrist injuries involving tendons and ligaments. Plus, a PRP injection is ideal in the treatment of conditions that may cause severe pain in your elbows, hands, and wrists. These medical conditions include:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Trigger finger
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Injuries such as fractures, strains, and sprains

How does Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection work 

Platelet-rich plasma therapy utilizes your blood platelets and growth factors to help your body’s healing mechanism. This therapy helps by repairing damaged areas of your wrist, hand, and elbow and reducing pain in the affected joints. Contrary to the other surgical inventions, PRP therapy allows you to return to your normal work and other daily activities immediately without the need for long rehabilitation processes. 

Benefits of Hand & Wrist Treatment

As a non-surgical medical procedure, PRP therapy relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and promotes tissue and tendon repair in the hand, wrist, and elbow. Also, PRP therapy increases collagen production to create more resilient and firmer cartilage, improve blood flow and circulation to deliver the much-needed nutrients that speed up the healing process, and support/recruit stem cells to help regenerative tissues. Most importantly, PRP therapy for the wrist and hand therapy restores normal healing mechanisms while accelerating the repair of injured and damaged tissues. 

PRP injection further shows promising results by improving pain relief without the risk of surgery, cortisone injections, anesthesia, or prolonged recovery time. In addition, only mild PRP injection pain is experienced by a handful of patients. That is why most patients are able to resume their normal activities shortly after PRP hand therapy. PRP therapy can serve as a perfect alternative to surgical procedures in some instances. 

In general, PRP therapy and wrist injection provide the following benefits:

  •  Less pain
  • Greater strength
  • Greater wrist functions
  • Improved outcome among patients with osteoarthritis in their carpal bone of the wrist.

Is PRP Treatment Safe for Hand & Wrist?

Yes! Platelet-rich plasma therapy is safe for your hand, elbow, and wrist. The standard treatment options like total joint reconstructions surgery may improve this condition. 

These joint problems cause hands, elbows, or wrists to become numb, tender, and painful, leading to a limited range of motion. Regardless, PRP therapy remains a viable alternative for patients that want to eliminate the need for surgical interventions. 

Find the Best Platelet-Rich-Plasma Therapy Center near you in Sarasota, Florida. Get the best treatment for your hand, wrist, and elbow tendons and ligament injuries from our expert physicians at Sforzo I Dillingham I Stewart Orthopedic +  Sports Medicine for convenient and high-quality specialized orthopedic services and sports medicine.

At Sforzo I Dillingham I Stewart Orthopedic + Sports Medicine, you can get assistance from well-trained and experienced physicians in all procedures and preparation of platelet-rich plasma therapy. In addition, Dr. Christoper Sforzo and Dr. Christopher Dillingham  can help you with medical emergencies involving hand, wrist, and elbow injuries. 

These doctors are board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons specializing in complex upper extremity sports injuries and different surgical procedures. 

The doctors use state-of-the-art procedures that aim at minimizing pain and maximizing the short-term healing process and long-term function. Sforzo I Dillingham I Stewart Orthopedics + Sports Medicine provides the latest techniques in biologic regenerative medicine injections and regenerative treatments to help patients avoid surgery. 

Final Thought

Platelet-rich plasma injections and related forms of treatments are still new non-surgical treatment options for wrists, elbows, and arms.  Even though PRP or therapy for wrist pain is in its infancy stage, it still holds a lot of promising results when it comes to reducing chronic pain and discomfort from your tendon injuries. PRP injection also has the potential to hasten the healing process as well as minimize recovery time after treatment of injured tendons. For additional information on PRP for carpal tunnel treatment, contact Sforzo | Dillingham | Stewart Orthopedics + Sports Medicine today.


Does PRP help hand arthritis?

Yes. A platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection is a non-surgical procedure that helps reduce pain in your hands, elbows, and wrists. PRP promotes a quick healing process without the need for surgery.

How long does PRP take to work on Hand & Wrist?

Platelet-rich plasma treatment takes a gradual healing process. Remember that PRP is not an overnight relief, so it can take an average of six weeks to three months for patients to see some positive changes.

How many PRP injections are needed for Hand & Wrist?

It is not yet clear how many PRP injections are optimal. Some health professionals think that two to three injections every two weeks are necessary to take care of knee osteoarthritis. However, doctors recommend up to three injections after every two weeks for PRP to work optimally when it comes to tendons.

How long should you rest after a PRP Treatment for your Hand & Wrist?

Doctors advise against engaging in strenuous activities ranging from 24 hours to 48 hours. This is the time you should take enough rest after a successful PRP injection.

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